Thursday, 6 March 2014

An Open Course for Open Education Week 2014 #nwoer

As part of the newly formed North West OER Network, we'll be facilitating an open online course (I'm not using the word MOOC), during Open Education Week 2014 (10th-15th March).

We'll be using the 'Intro to Openness' course developed by David Wiley as the foundations for this course, and we will be facilitating a number of synchronous and asynchronous platforms, including Tweet Chats, Facebook Group discussions and Google+ forums and Hangouts. There'll be a few of us facilitating the course that you're probably familiar with already - the likes of @chrissinerantzi, @suebecks, @alexgspiers@annehole, @kshjensen and @lenandlar . 

Take a peek at the course site within p2pu, the Facebook community for the course, and the Google plus community for the NWOER Network.

You can also start following @northwestoer (and me if you already dont!). We will be using the Twitter hashtag #nwOER so don't forget to use that in your tweets/posts/etc.

Hope to see some of you getting involved!


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